For those who live outside of North America, this might be helpful, in case you ever need to call someone in USA or Canada...

Works for all numbers in USA and Canada. Call from the internet, and if you do not register with them, you get 2 minutes of calling per session. If you register, you get 15 minutes of calling per session. Unlimited number of sessions per day.

As described in an article in the Globe and Mail:

In trying times like these, every little bit helps, even if it's just saving the price of a phone call. is a new ad-supported Web service that lets you make phone calls to any number in the United States (and Canada) from any computer with a Web browser and a broadband connection.

The service, which begins Thursday, requires you to view a short ad before you place the call. The audio is played through the browser, and the site uses your computer's microphone to transmit what you say.

There is a limit to the fun, however. Unregistered users can make calls of up to two minutes; registration – which is also free – gives you unlimited calls of up to 15 minutes. While it's not as versatile as other Internet calling services like Skype or Vonage, it is enough to make a few quick calls while on the road without racking up long-distance charges.

Most important, the service works domestically and all over the world. That means you can call the United States free from any cybercafe or Internet-enabled computer virtually anywhere. While it might not be as cozy as a call from a phone booth in London, the service is certainly cheaper.