Hey guys! I have been a marathon runner for a long time, but need something different to get me through this long-ass winter we are having here. When I saw the ad for the 19th annual Northwoods Snowshoe Marathon I decided to consider it. Right now, I am wondering if any of you snowshoe (alot) and have you had experience on these new 'running' snowshoes? They seem quite expensive.

Another thing is, what should I expect? I remember after my first running marathon I had a long list of things I had to do in order not to be a mess the week after; is this the same thing? Are there any tips or tricks you can offer? The race sounds like a lot of fun, and if the weather is just right, if the snow is fresh enough, and there are enough people, I am really looking forward to it. But guys, if you have any pointers for my first snowshoe marathon, please let me know and wish me luck!! www.snowshoeracing.com