Inspired on the Freeway

  • LaYogi

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    Sep 26, 2007 5:27 AM GMT
    So, one day I was driving along the 210 freeway heading out to my parents house in the inland empire, and I saw a car with a kayak on the roof. All of a sudden I was like . . I want to do that!!

    so now I'm like, how, and where, and how much, etc . . .

    Anybody have any advice? Or anyone (safe and sane in the LA area) want to take me out in the water someday? It's something I've never done, but I think it'd be fun!

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    Sep 26, 2007 4:54 PM GMT
    Kayaking is awesome buddy....a great time if your an outdoors type guy. I live far from you...South we wont be hangin out anytime soon. in Florida I love kayaking the infinite mangrove forest...especially when it gets to be a challenge making your way through narrow tunnels. It takes a little more skill since you need to have some control of your kayak to steer through...but overall very easy to learn.

    Open channels are nice too but not nearly as fun if you ask me. Also, I'd get a kayak over a canoe any day. A canoe is like a ferry through the river...a kayak is your waverunner...alot more fun in my opinion.

    Lots of different types of kayaks...mainly depends on the waters you'll be navigating. Here in S.Florida a flat water kayak is whitewater down here since Florida is flatter than a mirror. If whitewater interest you then make sure you buy one suited for those conditions....thats a whole different game. Much riskier but a whole lot of fun too!

    I'd shop at a kayak/canoe outfitter in your area....stay away from large retailers like "Bass Pro Shops"...where usually you will find a little bit of everything outdoors but little variety in each category. save some money you may want to ask if they have "demos"...these are kayaks used for demonstration purposes only....they usually look brand new with very little if any scratches...yet it might shave $150 of the price. Thats what i two 12 foot Wilderness kayaks for $600 each off the reg. price of $750 each.

    Good luck to you budd....!