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    Sep 26, 2007 10:00 PM GMT
    I am one of the early morning workout guys. I get out of bed at 5:15am eat something to give me energy for my workout. Once I finish with the gym I have about 45 mintues before I leave for work. I usually like to have a protein shake after my workout but feel as if I'm missing out in other essential nutrients (I know it's good to eat some carbs after a workout to refuel). Here is my question: Is it ok for me to drink a protein shake and eat some eggs with whole wheat toast? Or should I just stick to the protein shake and eat a mid-morning snack an hour or so later? I just want to make sure I'm giving my body the right stuff after my workout and I know that you should eat something within 30 min. after your workout for the best consumption to your muscles, etc.

    Any suggestions?
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    Sep 27, 2007 1:48 AM GMT
    I would say you are doing it right having a protein shake and eating your breakfast. You need a liquid protein drink within minutes after your workout. The reason, your body will optimize 300% of the protein at that time. An hour later about 75%, and 3 hours later only about 12%. Your eggs and toast is a more complex carb, breaking down slower and not seeing any benefit for about 2 hours after you eat. Optimizing your protein and carb intake is as important as the workout itself. A great book that explains this in depth is Nutrient Timing by John Ivy,Ph.D & Robert Portman, Ph.D. I highly recommend it to everyone thats into bodybuilding.
    Happy workouts
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    Sep 27, 2007 9:25 AM GMT
    listen to your body. are you hungry after the protein shake? then you need something more.

    i am ravenous after my workout and have a protein, banana and oat (meal) shake. you know what the protein is for, the banana gives you instant energy and the oats longer term.

    i mix it in water as the take up is quicker than milk.
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    Sep 27, 2007 10:24 AM GMT
    I'm bad with this...
    I'd like to hear it from some of the professionals on here
    just how much protein and carbs do you think you should have as a post workout meal?
    and give an example if you can
    I don't think a shake is enuf esp for guys who are say over a certain lean body mass