ART DECO: Ending AIDS by 2020

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    Jun 28, 2014 10:15 PM GMT
    Maybe Art Deco is like Larry Kramer, who calls people who protect themselves with PrEP "Truvada Whores", he has on numerous occasions called me a promoter of a "Bareback Agenda". Remember this??? (I will remind you at every opportunity) "This unckabasa character continues to promote barebacking. I really think RJ Admin should zap him. He quotes bad science, and encourages the very behavior that is spreading HIV in our community."

    It's bad enough that you said that, Character assassination is reprehensible. But worse is that you try to marshal people AGAINST me and using modern medicine!

    "Dr. Howard Zucker, said on Friday that he believed that by 2020, New York could reduce its annual incidence of new H.I.V. infections to about 750 from the current 3,000, bringing the number of new cases below the number of annual deaths, or as he put it, “bending the curve” in the direction of ending the epidemic in the state."

    "The prospect of ending the AIDS epidemic is gaining momentum in epidemiological circles. It is based on studies showing that AIDS drugs have a double-barreled effect not just as treatment but as a means of blocking transmission. On Tuesday, Dr. Anthony S. Fauci, a leading AIDS researcher since the dawn of the epidemic, argued at the Aspen Ideas Festival that “we can end the AIDS pandemic in the next 10 years.”"
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    Dec 06, 2019 1:55 AM GMT
    When I first came to RJ, my intro was to talk about living though the Gay Plague Era, living though it, in the eye of the storm, working in a Gay Bathhouse. This was when I first experienced our old fart, Red Vespa, and his gay Bashing.
    Following me around like a barking Chihuahua, until I could ignore it anymore. Its seems our old fart, allegedly had a husband who died in his arms from AIDS.thus our self absorbed narcissistic half brother. Felt all rights to this topic, and pain of losing someone from AIDS, all belonged to it.
    Now Lady Muck, Hyacinth only lost one from AIDS. Where those of us who not only lived though the Gay Plague Era, but survived and thrived like I have. We haven't just lost one, but many. When our half brothers experience isn't even a footnote in history. Yet he feels he is RJ's professor on the topic, as well history professor; cough, cough.
    Professor of propaganda maybe.