Pinched Nerve?

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    Jan 10, 2009 10:12 PM GMT
    Hey guys, I need your help/suggestions...

    A couple weeks ago while doing my normal sets of pullups, one of my reps triggered an excruciating pain in the back of my head, where my neck connects to my skull, specifically just to the right of midline. It subsided slightly after a few minutes of rest, but came back when I attempted my next set. I tried various other back/arm workouts with the same result, so I gave up and went home with a painful headache. All of my workouts since then have yielded similar pain, and I usually just suck it up and work through it, despite going home with a headache. It usually starts after 80% of my reps (like rep 5 of 6 or 8 of 10), making it difficult to complete the sets.

    Anybody have insight as to what this may be? I'm thinking its some sort of a pinched nerve as it doesn't feel like the pulled/irritated muscles I've encountered in the past.

    Thanks for your help!

    - Josh
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    Jan 11, 2009 3:04 AM GMT
    Hey, youve got to be extremelly carefull with that, its posible that you pinched one of the two mayor nerves on the cervical lines wich i dont have the names on my mind right now, or could be pressure on the spine discs as well when lifting the weight may the cervical disc slide out a little bit it reacts on an extreme pressure and pain on the head and can make you a little dizzy too , so try to get some rays to see whats wrong cause either of those posibilities may have long term effects. take care...
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    Jan 11, 2009 3:57 AM GMT
    I'm a licensed massage therapist, and I work with a chirorpractor here in Dallas.

    It sounds like what you've done it giving your Trapezius or Levator Scapulae a nice strain. A strain is a torn or damaged tendon (the part of the muscle that connects to the bone) which would be the base of your cranium in this case.

    Probably the muscles in your neck are tight and have been for a while. Injuries like this are sort of "the straw the breaks the camels back" and more than likely it has been developing over time. Many people also try to lift with their neck is most exercises. It's a common error of everyday body mechanics.

    Solutions: I would recommend putting crushed ice in a ziplock bag and put it in a muslin cloth or something similar and apply that to the area to reduce inflammation. Also tumeric is a supplement that is a tremendously beneficial anti-inflammatory. It actually supports your liver unlike over the counter prescriptions.

    A deep tissue massage session that focuses on your neck would be really great for you right now. Taking time off from weights until it shows big improvement would be a great idea, and if you can't stay out of the gym (like me) you could just workout your legs and glutes and tighten up the booty icon_smile.gif

    After 2-3 consecutive massage sessions it should be much better. The pinched nerve idea is the least likely, and in that case a chiropractor would be your best bet for sure.

    Good luck,

    Clay in Dallas

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    Jan 11, 2009 6:08 AM GMT
    I've suffered from pinched nerves all my life because of my hypermobility in my joints.

    Get thee to a chiropractor!