So I've always seen myself as a big guy, and I'm working hard trying to reach that big guy vision I have of myself. One of the things that comes along with that, is a desire to do big guy things. I'm interested and have a passion for wrestling, bodybuilding, strongman competitions...but I've never actually done any of them.

Yeah I've gone to the gym, yeah I've lifted heavy objects in the back yard, but I've been doing it all on my own. That's very doable when it comes to lifting weights, but when it comes to wrestling, it's slightly difficult.

So where, and how--what resources are there exactly when it comes to being a lean guy, working on being big, who has a passion, and interest and a desire to get involved in recreational wrestling? I've visited some (gay) wrestling websites and forums, and while there are a lot of meetups between individual wrestlers, there aren't very many of what I'd call 'training meets' (that I've been able to find).

Does your gym offer a wrestling class? Are you familiar with a sort of wrestling club in your area? Do such things come about? Did you participate? What are your experiences in this area? Did you start out wrestling in school, college? More specific to my question, how did you get started if you didn't wrestle during your school years? What's some advice you'd offer to rookies?