Then go get one. According to the the US Supreme Court, marriage is a RIGHT of the Common Law, antecedent to government; and not subject to regulation thereof.

Technically, "real marriage" is a Common Law, Domestic Partnership. That's all it is. Trying to make it something more is a violation of the US Constitution (and common sense). The US Constitution forbids "Titles of Nobility".

This means that a person/s may not be elevated in status above any Citizen by title, and that human rights are guaranteed equally to all. Part of the problem with current "State Marriage" is that a body of laws have sprung up around it to grant certain privileges to a class of people who possess the State License of Marriage. This is merely a cursed "Title of Nobility" being bestowed upon a state regulated partnership. It may be an established practice, but it does not make it any less unconstitutional.

Ironically then: The "real" marriages being conducted today are like those done by the MCC, where vows are exchanged publicly WITHOUT the state license! Before God, these are valid! The Common Law recognizes them as the domestic partnerships they are!

For those who have figured it out already: "gay marriage" has been a right all along! The actual issue is NOT the concept of marriage, but the problems with systems of government that bestow special privileges upon people with the state marriage license while denying those who do not! The solution is NOT to "legalize gay-marriage" (and thus give credence to the government's lies that it has any control over marriage).
The solution is to ABOLISH all forms of special benefits, recognitions or advantages that the government bestows upon those with the State Marriage License!

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