Crosscountry Bike Ride: Need your Help!

  • Lunastar

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    Aug 25, 2014 4:21 AM GMT
    I'm a bit of a lurker on here but I do come on here quite often!

    Ever since I did a century bike ride a couple summers ago, it gave me the inspiration to one day to a cross-country bike ride. I just graduated college and got my Masters in Secondary Education. However, I didn't get a job teaching (Math is my specialty) and instead of droning and dwelling about, I decided very soon would be the perfect opportunity to finally attempt this goal. I would plan on leaving the end of September. I will leaving from Jersey City, NJ and arriving at Culver City, CA where the non-profit organization I plan on riding for is originated in. No Limits Foundation is dedicated to creating after school and theater programs for kids with hearing loss, deaf and hearing-impaired. As a kid I was in several plays with No Limits in NJ and it gave me an outlet where I was able to perform in front of an audience with others like myself. I will be creating a Kickstarter fundraiser for the organization soon enough icon_smile.gif
    I am aware of all the risks involved and am researching all the appropriate gear to bring. My next mission is trying to reduce lodging costs as much as possible by finding people who would be willing to take me in for the night when I pass by that respective area.

    Here is the rough plan: I am aiming on averaging 70-80 miles/day Start: Jersey City, NJ
    Day 1: Bethlehem, PA (Check)
    Day 2: Lancaster, PA (Need)
    Day 3: Shrewsbury, PA (Check)
    Day 4: Hagerstown, MD (Need)
    Day 5: Cumberland, MD (Need)
    Day 6: Uniontown, PA (Need)
    Day 7: Pittsburg, PA (Check)
    Day 8: Ulrichsville, OH (Need)
    Day 9: Columbus, OH (Need)
    Day 10: Dayton, OH (Need)
    Day 11: Indiannopolis, IN (Need)
    Day 12: Terre Haute, IN (Need)
    Day 13: Vandalia, IL (Need)
    Day 14: St. Louis, MO (Need)
    Day 15: Jefferson City, MO (Need)
    Day 16: Sedalia, MO (Need)
    Day 17: Osawatomie, KS (Need)
    Day 18: Council Grove, KS (Need)
    Day 19: Hesston, KS (Need)
    Day 20: Pratt, KS (Need)
    Day 21: Dodge City, KS (Need)
    5 days of Kansas....oh god
    Day 22: Guymon, OK (Need)
    Day 23: Dalhart, TX (Need)
    Day 24: Tucumcari, NM (Need)
    Day 25: Santa Rosa, NM (Need)
    Day 26: Albuquerque, NM (Need)
    Day 27: Laguna, NM--- This is an Indian Reservation. We'll see what happens LOL
    Day 28: Zuni, NM ---Same as above--
    Day 29: Holbrook, AZ (Need)
    Day 30: Flagstaff, AZ (Need)
    Day 31: Kingman, AZ (Need)
    Day 32: Essex, CA (Need)
    Day 33: Twentynine Palms, CA (Need)
    Day 34: Redlands, CA (Need)
    Day 35: Los Angeles, CA (Need)
    Day 36: Culver City, CA + Pacific Ocean icon_smile.gif

    Now this is a ROUGHHHHHHH estimate. And there are ALOT of Needs. And I don't know what the gay population is like for pretty much 30 of those cities. Also, believe me, I know it will probably take 50+ days taking rest days into account. Nevertheless, if any of you are quite near those cities and would be so kind, I would love to hear from you!

    Feel free to give me any tips you would recommend. I am still very much in the planning stage and those locations are not set in stone.

    Stay Tuned for more Updates icon_biggrin.gif!!!
  • AMoonHawk

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    Aug 25, 2014 4:31 AM GMT
    Cool ... Sounds awesome, take plenty of pics too ... Maybe some YouTube video's .... And be safe
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    Aug 25, 2014 4:33 AM GMT
    Love the spirit. Seize the opportunity to accomplish something great while waiting for your job. That's inspirational. icon_wink.gif
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    Aug 25, 2014 4:53 AM GMT
    It's a shame you're not traveling through South Florida.

    Not only would I put you up for a night, I'd also take a few days off work to ride with you. Cycling is the only thing I enjoy more than my job. Check out the video in my profile. icon_wink.gif