Why does nobody tell me about these things?!

Just found out today about Aaron Freeman's solo album from this spring. Probably not a lot of Ween fans here, but it was awesome.

To be honest, I'm a terrible Ween fan -- I was relieved when they broke up, since I had been dreading some horrible OD story due to all the drugs (et al.) they were always said to be doing, and I loved the late albums that all the true fans hated -- but something about their music always had a way of etching thoughts and feelings into my brain that I would otherwise forget forever; for some reason, listening to one of their albums always brings back fond and vivid memories. I can't help but feel like FREEMAN will be the same way, and some day I'll think back to this fall while listening to the album for the thousandth time.

If anyone else who has ever enjoyed Ween had not known about it, I *highly* recommend it.