As we prepare for the implementation of federal contractor equal employment, EO 11246, by the labor department, I found this hateful, rhetoric filled rant on yet another right wing nut job website, very interesting the connection to CA Prop 8, 2008 election, the black community and GW Bush, the "free government money" icon_mad.gif

Gay Christian Movement Watch

Back in 2007, President Bush sent out an urgent plea telling black churches they were “missing out” of tons of federal aid money. Many of them went running to get it. Now, Obama has them trapped. Posted: January 1, 2007

In January 2001, President Bush signed into law an executive order creating the White House Office of Faith-Based and Community Initiatives. The order directed federal agencies to streamline or lift, if possible, federal regulations that made it difficult for churches to obtain grants to provide services. Still, few black churches have benefited from the plan thus far, while skepticism about accepting federal dollars and a lack of understanding about how to apply for the money may keep many congregations from going after the funds.