A Doctor Explains How We Connect with the Living after We Die.

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    Oct 30, 2014 2:26 AM GMT
    Discarnate souls use directed energy beams to touch various parts of a living person's body. Souls who are reaching back to comfort the living look for areas that are most receptive to their energy. The energy pattern becomes therapeutic when bridges are established to connect the two minds of the sender and receiver in telepathic transmission.

    The Dreamweaver souls I have come in contact with all engage in dream implanting, with two prominent differences.

    Dream Alteration

    Here a skillful spirit enters the mind of a sleeper and partially alters an existing dream already in progress. This technique I would call one of interlineation where spirits place themselves as actors between the lines of an unfolding play so the dreamer is not aware of script tampering with the sequences. (this is what Sylvia was doing with her mother. She was waiting for the right sort of ongoing dream to enter and initiate a smooth fit. As difficult as this approach seems, it is evident to me the second procedure is more complex.

    Dream Origination

    In these cases the soul must create and fully implant a new dream from scratch and weave the tapestry of these images into a meaningful presentation to suit their purpose. Creating or altering scenes in the mind of a dreamer is intended to convey a message. I see this as an act of service and love. If the dream implantation is not perfromed skilfully to make the dream meaningful, the sleeper moves on and wakes up in the morning remembering only disjointed fragments or nothing at all about the dream.

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    Oct 30, 2014 2:27 AM GMT
    a book I'm reading:

    Destiny of Souls by Dr. Michael Newton
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    Oct 30, 2014 2:48 AM GMT
    Bud was killed in 1942 during WWII.

    Walt, his surviving brother is the dreamer.

    Bud: We are with Walt's duplicate.

    Dr.: That dual part of a person's energy that remains in Heaven while the rest is on Earth while the person has a body.

    Bud: Yes. Walt and I are in the same soul group. I begin by connecting to his divided nature here in Heaven to more closely communicate with Walt's light on Earth.

    I float next to the cache where his remaining energy is anchored and meld with it briefly. This allows for a perfect recording of Walt's energy imprint.

    There is already a telepathic bonding between us but I want to have a tighter vibrational alliance when I reach his bedside.

    Dr: Why do you wish to carry an absolutely accurate print of Walt's energy pattern with you on your return to Earth?

    Bud: For a stronger connection to the dreams I will create.

    Dr.: Uhm, why can't your brother's other half communicate with him on Earth?

    Bud: That would be nothing more than talking to oneself.

    With his exact energy print, I go to his sleeping body.

    He is tossing and turning and really suffering over my being killed. I have to work between Walt's dreams.

    I can leave messages on either side of two different dreams and then link them for greater receptivity. With his exact energy imprint, I slip into his mind quite easily to deploy my energy. After my visit, a third dream about the first two unfolds as a delayed reaction and Walt see us together again in an out-of-body setting which he won't recognize as the spirit world but the activation of these inviting memories will sustain him. (For Tibetan mystics, the spirit world is a natural part of dreaming.)

    Dr.: What dreams did you create?

    Bud: Walt was 3 years older, yet we played a lot together as boys. This changed when he was 13. He became attached to guys his own age and I was excluded.

    One day, Walt and his friends were swinging on a rope tied over a pond. I was watching. The other boys went first. When Walt went, he hit his head hard on a branch and was almost knocked out when he fell into the water.

    His friends did not see him fall. I dove and held up his head screaming for help.

    "Thanks for saving me Buddy."

    I thought this act would admit me to their club, but it didn't. They played softball but they didn't let me play. I felt betrayed that Walt would not stand up for our relationship.

    During the game, the ball was hit into some bushes--lost. I found their ball and hid it inside our barn. Eventually, one of the boys got another ball on his birthday.

    Dr.: So what message did you give your brother in the third dream?

    Bud: I wanted Walt to see me crying and holding his bleeding head in my lap on the bank of the pond and remember what we said to each other after he stopped choking.

    The second dream about the softball game ended when I added a trailer to the dream and took him to the barn where the softball was still hidden.

    I told Walt I forgave him for every slight in our lives together. I am always with you and the devotion we have for each other cannot die. He will know this when he returns to the old barn to look for the ball.

    Walt remembered the location after he woke. When he found the ball, Walt became more serene about my death.

    Dreamweaving is an advanced skill for spirits.
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    Oct 30, 2014 2:49 AM GMT
    That was from Chapter 2. I'm reading in Chapter 3 now, sometimes when I go to bed.
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    Oct 30, 2014 2:53 AM GMT
    StephenOABC saida book I'm reading:

    Destiny of Souls by Dr. Michael Newton

    347 reader reviews, most of which are 5 stars

    The 3 star reviews are not substantially negative.