A lifelong determining conundrum for any of us to consider is what can I do and where do I belong?
Within an increasingly intricate rat race of a society that might ever present us with obstacles.
Objectify, to be judged harshly, unfairly or simply ignored by others because of ostracism or marginalization.
Subjugated to be used at some ones pleasure, deference or convenience- discarded when no longer necessary.
Not feeling wanted or needed by others is truly relevant to individual well being, not just a state of mind for any of us to experience.
Law of the jungle, common interests, restless natives at times caught up in their own personal turmoil will predetermine the civility, sensitivity and perspective amongst the players.
Coach and coax naive participants into flimflams, bait and switch, Ponzi and Pyramid schemes, the financial, business or internet frauds, the confidence tricks, the staging, the pitch, to promote the delivery of the hook line and sinker acceptance of the perpetrators’ ideas.
Do not take it personally; feel slighted while you are living in times of iniquity and flux.
Rather it is for you to consider whom the players represent, what they are doing; the interests or purposes they are serving are truly appropriate for you or the other people that they may affect from their actions.
Endeavours that may turn into: sustainable, substantive, inclusive, accessible, affordable ultimately becoming successful.
Existentially the premise is respectable legitimate enterprise that will embody good ideals, judgment, vision and strategy for the architect, the participants and the end users.
Ask not what you might have been able to do for yourself or others, if made to believe you are unwelcome, lack confidence in, are challenged or incapable of doing because of others’ character, actions and behaviours not just your own.
Move on when opportunity presents itself and find purpose elsewhere- that you will learn from, take the time to interpret, inspire, fulfill yourself and enlighten others.
Become a positive force for you and other people not with the express motivation of those which will stand solely to serve the purposes, benefits, and behests of a selection of people- one must deliberate carefully thinking about the expense or detriment to all that is around us.
The quest leads us to many more conundrums that are far better for each of us, growing and changing as individuals, making the best out of our own circumstances and merits, rather than attempting to do nothing at all.