The Urban Jungle

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    Nov 05, 2014 4:17 AM GMT

    At first one is beguiled by the majestic wondrous backdrop of the glass, steel and concrete jungle with that immediate urbane ambiance.
    The impressive multiplicity of stately tall buildings can be seen from a distance and the momentum to become realized seems nowhere near ending in sight.
    It has turned out to be of a bygone era; an endless bounty filled with assortment and indulgence of options to be decided whimsically upon by the masses.
    Strives forward in the achievements for personal choice and civil liberties, and quality of life seem boundless for everyone.
    This promotes an attractive colourful contrast of diversity in culture with eclectic people, lifestyles and neighbourhoods.
    A predication of wealth, benefit and opportunity for all, to be found if one is willing to seek it out
    Those of good fortune might discover worthwhile ventures and prosper for a time.
    Affluent people are drawn like a moth to a flame on behalf for their expertise, company, patronage and efficacy.
    Creating an opportune breeding ground of hope in a haze, a cloud of deception, a veil of secrecy for the constructors, the purveyors to operate and capitalize upon.
    After all one must experience all that is available, take part in all things being offered and enjoy the finer things in life.
    Exchange what is practical, comfortable and familiar for the upscale, upgrades, luxury and nouvelle.
    Undiscovered forays are available for those that crave reckless abandon, adventure, discovery of new purpose and ambition.
    You are given a unique opportunity to make your own choices, judgment calls- distinctive preferences determining those values or lifestyle.
    Success or ignorance aside unaware what may lay outside of the ivory tower can only insulate and harbour complacency.
    Never underestimate the real intention, character, deception, competitive nature, ruthlessness, enmity, blatant disregard, betrayal, eccentricity and the segregation in the midst of all the players.
    A sudden twist of fate or reversal of fortune can turn or steer you due course in a different direction.
    Falling from grace, out of necessity one finds themself suddenly a stone’s throw away from the accumulation of insurmountable debt and irreversible loss.
    Not quite far away removed from any distinction or paradox; not unlike the growing number of people amongst us that are found to exist in a future of more austerity, insecurity or an unsheltered way of life.
    Living in a world that is alien, unwelcoming and unseemly a departure from all you have ever known.
    To find out whom your true friends and supporters are when the tides of fortune have been turned against you.
    Amidst is a harbinger of dilapidation along with mediocrity of a life infested with adversity, rats, vermin big and small.
    A cesspool is created out of neglect, the lack of opportunity, hopelessness and the disparity.
    What was once the proud hallmark of capitalism is now transforming into the demoralizing, degrading oppressive community of a slum.
    Abandoned storefronts, public buildings, factories and homes making the way for new developments for those that will eventually arrive and take their place in the renewal of the urban jungle and the cycle of life.
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    Nov 09, 2014 1:00 PM GMT
    Editing is always good.