Some Good Election News Locally, Some Bad Nationally

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    Nov 05, 2014 3:24 PM GMT
    The 2 candidates we favored (and funded) most to get on the Wilton Manors City Commission won. With them in place next year we may finally break a logjam to making major improvements to our Wilton Drive.

    Next step is appointing a committee to formalize a plan that's been talked about for years, and which my husband & I have strongly promoted. For that reason we're hoping my husband will be on it. We're very happy.

    Of course the election results elsewhere were not good, a big potential setback for gays and gay civil rights. Not to mention all taxpayers. As Republicans will continue to focus more on social issues, especially anti-gay, than on useful legislation to help the economy to recover from their previous mismanagement, and for the nation as a whole.

    But off-year elections do that, and the Democratic Senate seats that happened to be up this year were especially vulnerable, or open (it's always 1/3 of the Senate). 2016 should be more competitive. Plus President Obama has faced some untimely & unprecedented foreign relations crises, that at least from a PR standpoint the White House has not handled well. I think Obama's political & PR advisors have fumbled the ball and should be sacked.

    Oh, and BTW, this RJ liberal is not on a "suicide" watch per a thread here. An election disappointment on the one hand, a win on the other.
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    Nov 05, 2014 4:07 PM GMT
    good news locally in Colorado:
    a former loved Denver mayor, now governor re-elect (by a slim margin) Governor Hickenlooper. Weathered the storm for a second term.

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    Nov 06, 2014 11:22 AM GMT
    It was not a pretty picture up here in Central Florida:

    Four Orlando-area Democrats to the Florida House lost Tuesday night and two of the casualties hit home pretty hard for me. LGBT ally, wonderful human being and all around sweetheart Linda Stewart lost her re-election bid to a nasty, scandal-tainted candidate. What is worse is openly gay Joe Saunders lost in a very close race to a clueless high school coach that was heavily funded by the Florida Republican Party. The ads against Saunders highlighted his "radical agenda." Really? Joe reached out across the aisle so many times during his all-too-brief tenure in the House, and the "radical agenda" remark was over the fact he's gay.

    Honestly, people.

    No surprises in the overall county vote totals as Orange and Osceola Counties went for Charlie Crist (52-53 percent-wise) and Volusia, Lake, and Brevard Counties were solid Republican. That has been the trend in the last several election cycles.