Leather & Bondage Gear What is your ideal guy in gear? Where is the best place to buy gear?

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    Nov 05, 2014 11:23 PM GMT
    Lets hear your opinions on gay guys in leather gear and using bondage. I want to see if there are any other Twinks that love leather gear.
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    Nov 06, 2014 1:07 AM GMT
    What is your ideal guy in gear?

    That would be my Master. (if I had one :cryicon_smile.gif

    Where is the best place to buy gear?

    That is a bit more complex. Depends on what gear you are talking about and what the ultimate usage of said gear will be.

    Back in the day we (in the royal sense) would shop at shops because: No internet in those days.

    When I lived in San Francisco we (partner #4 and I) knew a guy who knew a guy that made leather stuff and other stuff... Thus clothing was hand tooled... as well as a few not-exactly-clothing items.icon_wink.gif

    I prefer to shop in real stores so I can look at a product, heft its weight, look at its stitching (where applicable) and construction methods.

    While a lot of product on the internet look good in picture, the reality they ain't that well constructed or fail to live up to the picture.

    Sort of like the pictures of Mc Donald's Hamburgers and what you get in the bag....

    Metal stuff (rings, clips, chains etc) usually tend to be better constructed on the net. Look for wielded in the description. Trust me, when it comes to links in chains you don't want them just pressed together.

    A lot of guys use Home Deport or Lowe's for their 'furnishings' and other gear.

    Bondage covers a lot of territory, in some circles its even an art form like shibari. It can also simply mean 'restraint' So handcuffs can be 'bondage'. Most(not all) bondage Masters tend to favor one type of rope over another, for its texture. From Velvet Cordage to hemp...

    I'm by no means any longer considered a twink - I outgrew that (Thank God) but back in the day I happily wore was I was told to wear. icon_lol.gificon_wink.gif