Why are Tops not atractted to darker skin bottoms

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    Nov 06, 2014 7:36 PM GMT
    Ok this may sound like a personal question, but i just moved to Virginia for college, and it seems that guys don't really go for darker skin bottoms here. Now first of im a very happy with my skin i would not change it for the world. 2nd This is not about just White and Black guys, im trying to see why Tops of all races go for the lighter of bottoms. i have seen Blacks, Whites, Hispanic, Asian.... and etc say they only date white/Latino, and i just want to know what turns guys on about a lighter bottom, what do they have that i or we as darker bottoms don't have? Whenever i talk to a guy that always say i have a nice smile, small waist, and nice butt, but any race can have all those things. for explain I even tested this out with my gay 17 year old white friend. we messaged the same guys and over half replied to him even after he told him he was underage, I love him to death, but he is not in shape and is a bit on the bigger side. So this is not about weight, shape, or anything like that. Why would a guy risk going to jail to be with him then to talk to me and that does mean i want to sleep with him but maybe just hang out since your a mile away and we both play video games, and im using that as a explain. Also if your going to say i just like what i like tell me WHY you like it and back up what your saying. AS for me i like Ethnic guys because growing up in Texas i was always around people from different parts of the world. So lets keep this Friendly, and just learn and grow off each other.
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    Nov 06, 2014 7:38 PM GMT
  • Sunny_x9

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    Nov 10, 2014 2:25 AM GMT
    I m from India. and you can see even I m black(medium) guy
    I like to date ( or have sex ) with black guys
    just depends on who clicks to the mind , I also like white guys
    but that's not my limitation . anyway I prefer young twinks bottoms
    and also young emo boys ( doesn't matter even if girly )
    take care buddy . have nice time