I. Want. Sex.

  • Lewnatic

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    Nov 07, 2014 10:29 PM GMT
    I feel slutty even writing this. I don't have sex often, I'm 21 and I've had sex with two guys. Once with a boyfriend, another with a friend as a purely "no strings" agreement. I feel sexually inexperienced, and I'm horny a lot. I do feel a little embarrassed writing this, but I guess that means I have little confidence in my own sexuality.
    My friends keep telling me to go on Grindr and meet someone, but I really do hate Grindr. Been there, done that, it's not for me. I could use some advice... As slutty as it sounds, I really am after something no strings. But completely safe. Does anything like that even exist in this world? Lol.
  • vhotti26

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    Nov 08, 2014 7:13 PM GMT
    Bars, other dating platforms... there isn't just Grindr, try something like adam4adam, gayromeo or what, there are a gazillion online hookup platforms that are much more detailled than Grindr.

    You are a pretty guy, you'll have no trouble getting laid on these.
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    Nov 09, 2014 12:42 AM GMT
    I want to kill my neighbor's little drummer boy because since getting his set of drums he has played the same beat over and over and over again for several hours each day since his birthday August 10th... A day that will live in infamy. icon_confused.gif

    Does my desire to kill mean that I am a murder, thus worthy of the death penalty?

    No, it means that I'm a human being who is dealing with my emotions without allowing my emotions to lead to the Little Drummer Boy's "accident" with his drum sticks.

    Same holds true with you - you have a desire for sex (welcome to the human species), you have (thus far) not allowed that desire to run your life for you.

    You are not a slut. you may think you are because society tells you a lot of weird things without checking their facts first... but honestly you're not.
    you're 21, you are at the apex of your sexual game, from here on out its a long slow decline to low testosterone, low libido, erectile dysfunction and the dreaded 'I don't want sex because now I'm married' icon_razz.gif

    As for totally safe sex, no such critter exists. There are safer sex practices (such as wearing condoms) but they are not 100% certain to protect you from STD's.

    Then there are the other potentials, you don't know who the next person you meet is really like. For all you know you are meeting the Next Jeffrey Dahmer who I believe dismembered 17 young men and dined on their flesh.


    Kinda hot, if we didn't know he was a serial cannibal many of use would want to 'date' him or date him....icon_eek.gif

    There is no way to improve your odds that the next person you meet, be it casually or for sex isn't another Cacy, Dalmer or other murderer.

    Aside from this potential to end up in a stew pot, you have the more mundane aspects, such as meeting a homophone who preys on gay guys by getting the gay to think there is a date going on when its actually the start of a night of horrific bashing.

    Then there is even more mundane stuff, such a having a guy instantly fall in love with you and make your life miserable following you around.

    Sure there are things you can do to improve your odds that you don't end up on someones dinning room table, or end up with a brand new stalker who thinks you are his husband.... but for all aspects of life there are risks.
  • lostlogic

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    Nov 09, 2014 2:38 AM GMT
    It doesn't sound slutty at all. Sexual desires are natural and acting on them from time to time even with just a friends with benefits doesn't make you a slut. Also, you're still young! Have you tried Scruff or a dating website like OkCupid? I honestly believe Grindr is what you make it. Sure there are lots of dirty guys on there, but you'll be able to find a few nice guys who might give you what you want after getting to know them and becoming comfortable with them.

    Good luck! icon_smile.gif