There is a duality of souls. They are able to divide their energy to live more than one life at a time. A portion of the energy of most souls never leaves the spirit world during their incarnations.

Splitting soul energy is particularly relevant to the study of ghosts.

In my last case, even though Elizabeth was in limbo for a while as a ghost, another part of her energy remained in the spirit world working and interacting with other souls.

Michael disagrees with some ghost authorities who state that ghostly forms only represent an earthly shell without a soul's core of consciousness. A soul can choose to take less energy than they should into a human body. Even so, if they become ghosts, such souls are far more than an empty shell of energy.

One would think that the balance of a spirit's energy remaining in the spirit world ought to be more helpful to their disturbed alter ego still hanging around Earth as a ghost. But, from what I hear, most souls without a mature volume of spirit energy, let's call them immature souls, are unable to perform this transfer and integration of energy by themselves. Let's look at a case. This ghost is a young level I soul who was my subject's first husband.

Dr.: You have told me that your first husband, Bob was a ghost after his last life.

Patient: Bob became a ghost because he was killed early in our marriage in that life. He was so overcome with despair and concern for me, he wouldn't leave.

Dr.: Can you tell me how much of his total energy he carried into that life?

Patient: about 1/4th and it was not enough for him in this mental crisis ... he misjudged

Dr.: If Bob had taken more of his energy to allow for this contingency he might not have become a ghost?

Patient: Oh, I can't answer that, but I think it would have made him stronger, more resistant to sorrow.

Dr.: Why only 1/4th?

Patient: Because he wanted to be more engaged with his work in the spirit world.

Dr.: Why did Bob's spirit guide let him do that--take only 1/4th?

Patient: We are not pushed around that way. We are free to make our choices. Bob was ADVISED to take more but he is stubborn and he was also considering another life at the same time--two incarnations on Earth. So, 25% in one life, say another 25% in another incarnation, leaving 50% in Heaven.

Dr.: Let me make sure I understand. Bob underestimated his capacity to function more normally in a crisis with a body having only 25 percent of his energy capacity?

[Hm, possibly choosing astrological natal charts with weak Neptunes. Pisces people seem to be able to endure pain and sorrow. With a weak Neptune, when he died and worried about his wife, his weakness only allowed a weak spiritual response to the event.]

Patient: Yes, the spirit guide was correct. Bob ran a risk of incarnating with so little spiritual energy.

Dr.: But when he left his body, he didn't gain more than 25% because he couldn't connect to the 75% in Heaven?

Patient: Correct, he couldn't get to it.

Dr.: How long did Bob stay a ghost before the rest of his energy was restored to him in the spirit world?

Patient: About 30 years. He couldn't seem to help himself ... lack of experience ... part of his lesson ... then our teacher was called by those beings who patrol Earth watching over the disturbed ones. The police guided him to go get the rest of himself.

Dr.: Yes, I've had other patients call them the Redeemers of Lost Souls.

Patient: That could be a good name for the policing entities, but Bob wasn't exactly lost, more tormented than lost.

# # #

Dr. = Dr. Michael Newton, author of Destiny of Souls