Not long after souls return to their spirit groups they are called before a gathering of wise beings. [Saturnian] A step or two above our guides, these ascended masters are given names such as The Old Ones, the Sacred Masters, the Venerables, the Examiners, the Committee; and, I will call them the Council of Elders.

The Epicuranists of this world--those devoted solely to uninhibited pleasure (fun) in life while paying little attention to the plight of others--might not be happy with this chapter. The Iconoclasts who are opposed to authority of any kind, moral or otherwise, will not be happy.

The Council of Elders are not the ultimate source of divine authority, but they appear to represent the last station of beings responsible for souls still incarnating on Earth.

These wise beings have great compassion for human weakness and they demonstrate infinite patience with our faults. We will be given many second chances in future lives.

These lives won't be lives of easy karmic choices, otherwise we would learn nothing by coming to Earth. However, the risks of life and sanity on this planet are NOT designed to cause us any further pain after death.

Dr. Michael Newton, author of Destiny of Souls