Marion Barry, former Mayor of D.C., died at age 78.

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    Nov 23, 2014 6:32 PM GMT
    Not sure about his true feelings on thing "gay"......but he voted against same sex marriages in DC in 2009, but wanted to officiate at gay wedding in 2013...Did his position "evolve"?

    RIP Mr Mayor...
  • roadbikeRob

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    Nov 23, 2014 8:28 PM GMT

    Hate to say it but good riddance. That man was a horrible embarrassment to the nation's capital city since he was a crack addict who was forced to resign from the mayor's chair. He was another typical northern urban democrat who helped ruin Washington DC like all his fellow urban democrats did to most other older northern cities. The older northern American city was ruined by the democratic party and that is no bullshit.
  • roadbikeRob

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    Nov 26, 2014 2:46 AM GMT
    TomSOCAL said
    roadbikeRob said
    Hate to say it but good riddance. That man was a horrible embarrassment to the nation's capital city since he was a crack addict who was forced to resign from the mayor's chair. He was another typical northern urban democrat who helped ruin Washington DC like all his fellow urban democrats did to most other older northern cities. The older northern American city was ruined by the democratic party and that is no bullshit.

    Wow! With these politics maybe you are Gary McNamara writing in disguise here in Real Jock.icon_biggrin.gif
    If not, sounds like you and Gary were childhood friends there in Buffalo.
    But the former might be more likely, since Gary is still single and his radio co-host keeps teasing him about being gay. ("The Midnight Radio Network," i.e. "Red Eye Radio.")

    (All these closet gay Republicans doing their radio shows. Incredible! But they're entertainers, with excellent verbal fluency, that's the reason.icon_exclaim.gif

    I don't agree about early Democrat mayors ruining northern cities. I think it's the newer Democrats, who are Socialists wanting to build expensive amenities like light rail, streetcars, etc. when they could be using this money for homeless shelters and affordable housing.

    Look at Portland, LA, Seattle, Palm Springs, Eugene, wasting all this money on this infrastructure, yet everyone either drives a car, rides buses, or bikes.

    The older northern Democrat mayors would do a cost benefit analysis (that's an economic term) before building expensive infrastructure.

    For example, building bike lanes and bike paths and sidewalks in Corvallis, Oregon over several decades, slowly but surely, results in more commuters by bike and foot than any other American City (20% by bike or foot in Corvallis).

    With everyone riding bikes, the town has no traffic, and they knew how to proceed cautiously using cost benefit analyses. icon_smile.gif
    Well look at both Detroit and Flint they were managed by your democratic party for over 50 years and both those cities pitched down hill thanks to the democrats with their pandering to crooked organized labor and the unmotivated urban poor. These democrats also jacked up taxes on business and industry which made these cities uncompetitive in the world marketplace. Than their pursuit of costly silver bullet redevelopment schemes just created even more problems for the older northern cities. Detroit and Flint were not alone, almost all older northern cities have experienced the same negative developments and they all declined and decayed. It is just that Detroit and Flint along with Gary, St Louis, Buffalo, Newark, Bridgeport, and Baltimore took the worst of these problems. These cities have been under monolithic control of the democratic party for too damned long and it is time for major changes in city government the first one is to get rid of the democratic party and allow another political party to run city hall. The democrats urban policies have been one disastrous failure after another and the older northern cities are still having serious problems with no end in sight.
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    Nov 27, 2014 5:42 PM GMT
    TomSOCAL saidPazzy ... sounds like Marion was a good mayor, I hope there will be some news articles about his accomplishments. I can name several cities that have large African-American populations with rich, elite, white mayors who don't care...mayor Steve Peugeot of the gay retirement city of palm springs allows the northern third of his city to fall apart, streets are not paved, block after block of abandoned businesses, etc. .... that's where most of the blacks are.

    He only cares about the rich white retired people in the southern third of town. His fellow councilors are equally at fault...They should cancel all business license and impact fees and help the African-American businesses and youth....their high taxes have turned the northern third of palm springs into a ghetto. I can see mayor Peugeot try to take eminent domain of the abandoned businesses, using the millions he's collected in property taxes from these abandoned businesses. He already has the extraordinary nerve to use tax money to buy open space that could go to affordable housing in Chino canyon. Oh and did I mention that dictator Peugeot and his councilors won't create jobs, they won't build stores like Costco, kohls, Rei, chili's, in and out burger, Barnes and noble, five guys burger, you name it. But guess what they want to build...a 7 story hotel...for, you guessed it, rich, white tourists. And where does the money come from. You guessed it...The taxpayers...

    Even scottsdale, Arizona, once home to the racist Barry Goldwater, builds thousands of apartments that rent for cheap. African-Americans are moving out of California to Phoenix since their once beloved neighborhoods have been neglected by politicians who improve the rich, white parts of town, but allow potholes to fill everywhere else.

    Peugeot is not alone in southern California, where city councilors and mayors are notoriously racist, along with their conservative constituents. Peugeot is open my gay but is no liberal. NORTHERN California has Much more liberal mayors. If you are gay and retire in palm springs, your tax dollars go to a system that doesn't care about gay African-Americans. Over in Phoenix, Scottsdale, politicians don't play these games....Tempe, where Arizona state university is, calls itself an international city...with signs welcoming foreign students all over town...

    Road bike Rob ... does the above describe what your northern cities are like....I'm an independent and would suggest that the democrats and republicans running Albuquerque, Santa fe, and rio rancho, new Mexico would agree with you. They are cutting taxes on new businesses and new construction. New homes start at only 140k in nw Albuquerque, since the democrat state officials believe in home ownership, and started a program for lower income home owners. A business license is just $35 in Rio rancho. There's a large gay community in Albuquerque and Santa fe and a low cost of living. New Mexico gets its gas from Texas refineries so it's cheap.

    I would include west coast cities along with those northern cities, especially Portland, and Eugene, Oregon. Oregon is an anti business state, with high impact fees, costly urban revitalization, urban growth boundaries, and high property taxes.
    Urban growth boundaries are an excellent idea, it is time to reign in all this unneeded, inefficient suburban sprawl that is ruining America. Every state should have some form of urban growth boundaries. It is time to steer all the new investment and development where it rightfully belongs, in the existing cities and communities. I also believe in metropolitan government. Suburbs don't need to be separate municipalities because that is the cause of the costly duplication of public services. Central cities have every right in the world to annex their surrounding suburbs against their will because these suburbs stole residents and business from the cities and other smaller older communities. Metropolitan government or city-county government makes much more logical sense and it could help greatly reduce the cost of public services in the long run.
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    Nov 29, 2014 6:51 PM GMT
    TomSOCAL saidUrban growth boundaries ration land, and raise the cost of housing. That's why new Mexico is so cheap, they don't have them. I have no issues with sprawl, as long as there's enough parks, bike paths, and open space.

    Most states don't have urban growth boundaries. Those that do had huge housing bubbles in 2008, ie Oregon, Washington, California, Florida.

    Florida cancelled them a few years after the crash.
    Sprawl is wasteful and inefficient. There is no legitimate need to sprawl further out when there is a large, available supply of good existing infrastructure and well built older housing stock in the central cities and older first ring suburbs. Sprawl causes everyones taxes to increase because of the costly new infrastructure needed for these unneeded greenfield developments. It is also time to get away from total dependence on automobiles and increase funding for public transit both buses and light rail. 50% of the federal highway trust fund should be lawfully allocated to the development and expansion of public transportation and bikeways. All proposed expansion of the interstate highway network should be killed dead and the interstate system permanently ruled as 100% complete. Urban growth boundaries should be established in every state. Look at Atlanta, there is an urban region that desperately needs urban growth boundaries to control sprawl because Metro Atlanta has become a huge, congested disaster area. But don't expect Georgia's enlightened, corrupt politicians to take this on anytime soon.