But just the fear of being judged was enough to make Austin ignore his diagnosis. He didn’t even consider treatment because the thought of running into someone he knew at the doctor’s office terrified him. Instead, he researched the virus online and read about people who had gone ten years without treatment and not gotten sick.

Officials say this is a problem not only because postponing treatment can turn HIV into full-blown AIDS, but because it also increases the risk of infecting someone else. With modern treatment, a single daily pill can reduce the amount of the virus to such low levels that it would be highly unlikely that the patient would develop AIDS or pass the virus on, even through unprotected sex.

Only 30% of US HIV persons are Undetectable, the worst of any industrial societies. Australia (relatively new to TasP) is the best at 62%

The 13-24 in the US has the worst adherence and reaching undetectable, only 13%.