Archaeologists Unearth Three Ancient Greek Mosaics in the Ongoing Excavation in Zeugma, Turkey

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    Nov 28, 2014 11:03 PM GMT
    Archaeologists Unearth Three Ancient Greek Mosaics in the Ongoing Excavation in Zeugma, Turkey

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    Nov 29, 2014 12:07 AM GMT
    Forgive the brain fart BUT:

    In 1985 I was astounded by the Greek ruins in Turkey's Hieropolis, far grander and more intact than most I saw in Greece (the ampitheatre even had a fourth wall, a practically intact proscenium):


    Traveling on a train with Greek Cypriots those Greeks from Cypress began smack talking Turks, particularly Turkish Cypriots, ranting about the Ottoman Empire and how Turkey invaded Greece and Cypress and took over half of Cypress, turning the now-Turkish half into a shithole. I said to them "Yeah, those Turks, I've been to Turkey, they even stole the best Greek RUINS."

    They got the point.

    While I'm on that Train of Thought (pun intended), this part's for people who criticize Israel who are angered by implied or direct accusations that they're anti-semitic:

    Interestingly, that conversation turned to Israel/Palestine (as conversations often do) and I exposed the Greeks' bias because when I asked them to hypothecate that Cypress shared the precise same history as Israel/Palestine (there were enough similarities to make that "leap") the Greek Cypriots said they would "side with the Turks and against the Greeks" but would still "side against Israel in favor of the Palestinians." I asked them why the different standards for Israel and they said they didn't know except that despite even a hypothetical where Israel and Cypress shared the exact same history and outcome as modern Israel they could only conclude that they "just felt Israel was wrong." Yet to their historic "sworn enemies," the Turks, they gave a free pass.

    Then or now, I wouldn't dare suggest they were anti-semitic (no one ever thinks they're RACIST, either), but they were certainly biased.