Homophobic Uganda Parliamentary Speaker Accidentally Comes Out As Lesbian

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    Dec 03, 2014 4:53 PM GMT


    By repeatedly anticipating every step in the insidious “gay agenda”, Rebecca Kadaga has shown that she is secretly lesbian. She would not have so much uncanny insight about "the gay agenda" if she were not lesbian. How else would she have known that donated computers were being used to recruit young people into the homosexual lifestyle?

    Yes, I kid you not. She said that computers donated to her country were being used to recruit youth into homosexuality, adding yet another deadly accusation towards an already endangered LGBTI community. Google the words, "Rebecca Kadaka computers" if you don't believe me. Or here is a link to one of many websites featuring the story:


    In view of the human rights’ atrocities she has encouraged towards the gay and lesbian community, I can upon them to, at this time, embrace her and not hold against her the weight of her misguided words and actions. Wherever she is mentioned and on whatever social media she has, I call upon the LGBTI Community to post messages of acceptance towards her as a sister in the cause of equality. I also call upon the heterosexual community to congratulate her on the courageous step of coming out, whether it was accidental or not. We must shower her with all the love and affirmation she needs at this tumultuous time of her life. She might deny that she's lesbian. But why would she be so obsessed with and knowledgeable about gays if she were not one of them?

    It must be terrifying for her, living in a country whose people may want to “cure” or kill her; it must be worse, knowing that she played a role in making Uganda that kind of country and is now being haunted by her own karma. So we must just shower her with love, and be as vocal about her recent coming out as we can be. We must hail her as a gay rights’ icon, broadcasting her recent coming out as often as is possible until everyone in Uganda (and every other homophobic country here in Africa) knows that she is lesbian, and that homosexuality, confirmed or not, is the only plausible explanation for why she knows so much about the "gay agenda".

    “This is a lie!” they’ll say. But it’s the only hypothesis that fits the evidence, and if you look hard enough for proof of her lesbianism, why, everything in her life suddenly makes you think that maybe she is really lesbian. We see what we look for. Suddenly, the hypothesis has too many anchor points not to be true.

    Now, our celebrating her coming out may endanger her life – but it’s so common for the Matthew Shepards and David Katos of this world to get killed because of such intolerance for being who they are. If, God forbid, something happened to Kadaga because of the celebratory and vocal welcome she’ll get from the international LGBTI community, she, too, will just become another statistic; another victim of the hatred she promoted. The victim of a tragic misunderstanding. Which she had a hand in.

    Tell it to everyone in Uganda who would use her words as justification for hate crime: Kadaga is lesbian. Tell them that she’s been hiding this terrible secret. Get the people to question her motives and understand the self-loathing beneath them.

    At the very least, let's muddy the waters.


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