I admit to liking some of his movies. And he does seem like he has changed his life around. But the fact remains he beat two Vietnamese men nearly to death. While shouting racists obscenities at him. Lovely things like ''Vietnam fucking shit'' and g..k. I don't think he deserves a pardon for these things. He may have done these when he was an angry young man. And i have done some rough things in my childhood too. But he blinded a man in one eye... you shouldn't be pardoned for that. No matter how big or successful you become in life.

This is also further proof how crimes against Asians go ignored. Hate crimes against Asians are usually ignored or never talked about. Vietnamese people in America were treated like dog shit in the 80's and early 90's Post war bullshit anger from ignorant white people. Mark hasn't even bothered to apologies to the two victims over the years either.