Why Preferring to Date One Race Over Another Makes You a Racist

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    Dec 18, 2014 10:52 PM GMT
    HottJoe said
    UndercoverMan saidWhy do people waste soooooooo much time on this issue? If someone doesn't want to date you just because your skin is a particular shade consider it their loss and move on. If anyone doesn't want to date me because I'm 25 years older than they I don't cry that they're ageist and cast aspersions on them.

    Seeing racism in everything just waters down the meaning of the word. I swear some people see racism in an empty glass.

    If racism is omnipresent in all things, does it really exist? If everything was equally as beautiful we wouldn't have had the need to invent a word to describe it. Let's reserve the use of the word racism for issues that matter.

    For me, love is the issue that matters the most. I can't help but think that you have some kind of superiority complex, where you like to put others down while talking about how nothing could ever hurt you.

    What the fuck are you talking about? And keep the psycho babble and personality analysis to the professionals. You are infinitely not qualified.
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    Dec 18, 2014 11:03 PM GMT
    1285pytk saidAs long as they do some sports and have a toned or athletic body I could not care less. They have to have nice teeth and they have to be healthy.

    Those are my preferences. Healthy and sporty. They have to be human males. If they have blue skin and he plays tennis and go to the gym, I would not mind dating him. He has to have an average sized dick and nice bum.

    So you would dismiss anyone who didn't have a "nice" bum or below average sized cock?! Shallow much? How is that any different than dismissing anyone for the color of their skin?

    Is it any different from dismissing anyone who is covered in freckles? Red headed? Brown eyes? With an olive complexion? Or any number of physical traits we have no control over such as race?

    This whole issue of calling someone racist because they aren't attracted to a particular racial group and do not want to waste their time dating someone of that group is idiotic. Most people date with the intention of finding a life partner. Why would anyone want to date someone they are not attracted to? Just to prove they aren't racist? Ridiculous.

    Shallow? Definitely.
    Racist? Not necessarily.