Inque saidDoes anyone else ever think 'I'm kissing a man. Why am I doing this?'

I may have thought, "Why am I kissing THIS PARTICULAR man?" (usually I can blame alcohol on less-than-stellar judgement), but I have never felt awkward about kissing men.

If you are feeling awkward about kissing a guy it could be any number of things (singular or a combination):

1) You're not really into the guy, and you're just doing it because you feel you should;

2) You're into the guy, but he has oral hygiene issues;

3) You're into the guy, but he's a terrible kisser (we've all been there on that one -- but it's not hopeless! With subtle suggestions, you can fix this without him even realizing it);

4) You're into the guy, but you're afraid that by kissing him, he will expect it to lead to sexual activity of some sort, and you aren't comfortable going that far at this time (if ever) with this person, and are afraid if you vocalize this the other person will not want to be with you;

5) You are into the guy, but are worried he is thinking YOU are terrible kisser (which in turn may unintentionally make you into one!);

6) You're having issues with your sexual orientation (ie. internalized homophobia, and kissing men is still "wrong")

Any one of these can lead to a terrible kissing experience. You need to identify the situation and handle it appropriately. Kissing is one of the most amazing things when done right. You just need to find the right guy -- and the right headspace -- to do it with.