On many sites like grindr, a4a, gay.com, jack'd, and others including Real Jock people cruise profiles in order to find that guy. Sometime people cruise by looking at a profile and clicking the person's friend or hot list and do to same until finding a guy you want to talk to. Some sites like Real Jock also have a search feature, but if you don't know the person's username, it won't help much.

I had cruised on other sites such as gay.com, but on Real Jock, I don't cruise much at all due to other features such as forums, workout tips and search.
On an example on gay.com there are a lot of people from the Philippines from some reason, but on this site, most people are Americans with some from other countries.

Some people on here cruise whether finding a person on hot list or MOTD. Do any of you cruise profiles or mostly stay on forums? If Real Jock didn't have forums or fitness tips, it would be another gay.com or a4a, this is what I like about the site.icon_smile.gif