May 22nd, 23rd, 24th, 25th.

I posted info about it on another thread and thought I might as well do it here.

M-Day Pensacola has never been an organized event and never will be.
We like it that way.
It really takes a lot of organization to keep it from being organized.

We start months ahead coordinating with police, lifeguards, merchants, bars, restaurants, hotels, and even tow trucks to keep the whole event from taking on the atmosphere of an organized event.

By day we all head to the beach. By night there's all sorts of entertainment. Johnny Chisholm always puts on elaborate parties at the civic center with big name entertainment and DJs. Less than one block away is his large club, Emerald City. The Round Up is a block away. Downtown there are two other gay bars and several straight bars that convert over for the extended weekend...

There's also many of us who have parties at our homes that always overflow beyond anything we ever expected. No on ever tells party crashers to go away.

The best way to describe the beach activity is "bring your toys, booze and friends and have fun with everyone else."

I always suggest people get hotels in town where most of the nighttime activity is so they won't have to drive across a three mile and then a one mile bridge back to the hotels on the beach. But it never fails that every hotel in town and on the beach is booked solid before mid April.

And ... you'd be surprised to find out how cheap it is to spend time in Pensacola compared to better known gay events.


There are many videos on youtube. Here's one.

Contact me if you need more info.