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    Jan 08, 2015 8:12 PM GMT
    Alright guys not sure if you guys share training journals on here? A few of the other forums out there do so i thought id share my journal here which i started this year. i got a few days of workouts to share and i film the odd set also to show you guys how the lifts went. Any advice/comments re welcome as well as any questions/suggestions cheers

    here is my first workout

    hey guys so today im starting to write up my workouts here in the form of a training log. ill try do this every day I train if poss (normally 5-6 days each week), though I may miss the odd one I hope this log will show how my training progresses over the next year.
    so today was my first day back simce christmas and the flu. I felt good and rested and only coughed a little from the remenants if my illness.
    today I trained twice
    morning: chest
    20mins stretching
    warmup on flat bench press (60kg,100kg)
    working sets (flat bench)
    120kg (265lb)1rep paused
    130kg (290lb) 1rep paused
    150kg (330lb) 1rep paused
    120kg 5sets 5rep
    I felt very strong and explosive on these weights. I felt I may have been able to do between 165-170kg today for a 1 rep max... but as first day back and with my right pec tear not fully healed I felt it was safer dropping to 120kg for reps.
    I then did
    3 sets of 20rep on 100kg seated calf raises to finish the workout.
    5mins of stretching
    5 mins of stretching
    when I came back I did back I started with
    lat pull downs - sets of 7-9 reps. I finished on 7reps on 120kg for 3 sets.
    seated rows. cant remember what weight but did 3 sets of 10reps
    single arm deadlift with single arm upright rows (olympic bar) on 35kg 4 sets of 12rep
    a pathetic attempt at chins (I was so pumped) lol getting 2 sets of 2reps
    5mins of stretching
    the back workout was a nice way to stretch my body after chest. using the push pull principle.
    I will most likely take tomorrow off (I never train saturday) but will train again on sunday
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    Jan 08, 2015 8:14 PM GMT
    Leg Day

    So as always i stretched at the beginning of my workout for 20 mins. focussing on stretching my quads, calfs and hamstrings as today was leg day!

    To start for legs i want to build up my calfs and hamstrings, so that they are balance with my quads (which are proportionally much bigger) so as a result i started my leg with pre exhaustion on leg curl and calf raises.

    Calf raises
    50kg -50rep- 6 sets

    Leg Curl
    4- sets 40rep

    I then supersetted on the leg press a comboof calf raises and leg press. Not sure of the weight but i did

    Single Legged leg press
    10reps each leg
    supersetted with
    double legged leg press
    supersetted with
    calf raises

    I did the above three times.

    At last my main workout begins!


    120kg 3 sets 8reps (as slow as possible and as deep as possible)

    Single legged hack squat

    3sets of 3 rep 60kg - here is the last set

    Sissy squat 60kg

    3 sets of 14reps here is the last set

    Then i finished on outer and inner thigh work and finally another 10mins of stretching
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    Jan 08, 2015 8:14 PM GMT
    So todays workout was an easy day of biceps

    I started on a very light weight after stretching for 20 mins. When i was stretching i felt very stiff so started as follows:

    6kg dumbells superset of

    10 hammer curls,
    10 concentration curls
    10 hammer curls
    10 curls

    Idid the above superset twice before strecthing again and then i repeated the above for another two supersets but this time on 8kg

    I then moved onto olympic bar curls (i did these very slow and controlled with no swing both on the way up and the way down)

    40kg 3 sets of 5reps
    45kg 3sets of 5reps

    and that was it for the weight i finished on some light boxing on the bag jsut to loosen off
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    Jan 08, 2015 8:15 PM GMT
    for this workout I did a very simple chest workout

    as always I started off with stretching and then

    Flat Bench

    100kg all warmups
    130kg 1 rep
    150kg 3reps

    so just went heavy as quick as poss to try and test my strength to see what kind of weights i should use in my workouts in the next following months. here is how it looked

    I then Followed this with pec deck and to loosen off more stretches and also some chins (i find that this works wonders to stretch off the chest)
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    Jan 08, 2015 8:15 PM GMT
    Today was shoulders

    I know normally this would not be a good regime to follow chest without at least a day of rest but i do find that by doing this you can develop great strength and muscularity to the pectoral girdle. So without hesitation here is a summary of my latest workout

    So no stretching at the beginning of todays workout instead i did 20 mins afterwards.

    Seated shoulder press:

    So much like how i warmed up on chest yesterday i decided to do very few reps to warmup. i then focussed on one set to test my strength so i can judge what i need to do over the next few months and managed this

    130kg (286lb) for 4reps

    as you can see it felt a little haeavy at theend but i still feel i got a lot more to give. My overall target i hope is for 160kg (352lb) for a single rep by the end of my heavy phase (3 months away)

    I then went onto front raises for sets of 10 each arm and then two giant sets on

    side lateral raises

    2kg(per arm) 16rep
    4kg 12rep
    6kg 10rep
    8kg 8rep
    10kg 5rep

    and then my next giant set

    10kg 15rep
    8kg 15rep
    6kg 12rep
    4kg 6rep
    2kg 4rep
    empty lol hardly any