Well before the Partner's Study, 052 or even the Swiss Statement, doctors were aware of the community benefits of HIV.

The end of AIDS: HIV treatment prevents new HIV infections.

"And in spite of this potentially increased exposure, we did not see HIV transmission. Even though we had this real world experience, no one would say that treating HIV decreased the risk of transmission. We didn’t know for sure. Everyone was afraid they might be wrong."

The end of AIDS: HIV treatment prevents new HIV infections.GROUNDBREAKING ADVANCEMENT

"In 2011, we had the first grade A evidence that HIV treatment decreased HIV transmission. The HIV Prevention Trials Network Study 052 (HPTN 052) provided randomized clinical trial data to support the premise that people living with HIV who started antiretroviral therapy had a significantly lower risk of transmitting the virus to their negative partners compared to those who were not on treatment. Science Magazine called this revelation the “Breakthrough of the Year” in 2011.