Lose fat maintain lean muscle mass and simple to follow

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    Oct 02, 2007 8:54 PM GMT
    being partly lazy here and copying you in on a post I have sent to numerous others on here and various other sites too.

    It will save you time heartache and sifting through the bullshit
    Remember there are a thousand and one approaches and the one that is best is the one that works for you. If ya like running then keep doing it, if your want time efficient consistant fat loss then keep reading:

    If you are serious on losing the weight then support from someone going through it is paramount.

    This first plan was for my mate who was over 220lbs and lost a considerable amount even though he had to stop training part way through due to an ankle injury. He was new to the gym and relatively inexperienced in free weights so his training is at an even slower cadence of 10 seconds up 10 seconds down to make sure he concentrates on form


    below is my training from 210lbs and I followed the same principle with a little variety down to 175lbs and 9.5% body fat from 24% but before that I was up at over 240lbs!!!!!


    This is all the diet guidance its a carb higher approach but not carb high as cals are low,you may have to increase the cals slightly depending on your starting weight (I wil happily help ya with that) which could mean a start of 2200 calories a day


    heres a sample of some of my log sheets ( I think)


    Now is get a tape measure, measure your chest relaxed, your waist (across the navel, your thigh (midway), your calf and your forearm. take your last fat piccy and post it up on a forum in all your glory and your starting weight.

    Now theres a few golden rules for sanity:

    1) Only weigh yourself once every 4 weeks, weightloss is not linear and besides it will take you the first 3 weeks to actualy work out what working to failure is, trust me you will know it when you get there

    2) Let your clothes be the gage and not the scales as your body shape alters

    3) Take some piccys every 4 weeks as you cant see your own body changing

    4) Do not vary the routine either eating, training or drink. You will not benefit in any way shape or form by adding more exercise or eating less. If you dont like the format then its simply not for you. there are over 300 guys who have now done this and succeeded, probably more that never reported in, but the ones that fail or give up somehow think they know better and vary it. I can always tell you who they will be from the minute they first email me.

    5) Always question any routine and diet, never just do something but get to understand how and why it works, so feel free to mail me

    6) You will have the odd bad day, we are human after all but a) dont punish yoursel and b) dont go extra lean on the calories the next day its the worst thing you do.

    7) Do measure your food, it gets easier as we are all creature of habit as our tastes dont vary that much month on month. Dieters under estimater, bulkers over estimate its the number one sticking point.

    icon_cool.gif See this eating style as for life not just a short term fix

    And most of all enjoy and good luck
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    Oct 04, 2007 5:24 AM GMT
    Interesting reading BFG, so thanks for sharing.

    With help from a personal trainer and using the "work to failure" method I've had some fairly good success (Down from 126.5kg/279lbs to 94.2kg/207lbs in 12 months) and have seen great gains in my muscle tone and general fitness.

    Still a bit to go - but enjoying the results so far.
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    Oct 04, 2007 9:53 AM GMT
    good work Ignorance icon_lol.gif

    get your diet on queue and you'll be laughing as you pat your 6 pack before Santa arrives