If you like spy shows, James Bond and appreciated Iron Man's wry sense of humor, you'll love it. (His father is a main character)

Hayley Atwell IS Peggy Carter. She is just so multi-faceted and she's not too "I don't need a man, I'm sterile" or "damsel in distress" either. It's just right.

If you are into the Marvel movies, it picks up where the first Captain America movie left off, but previous knowledge isn't required.

Unfortunately, from what I've read in reviews and comments, people think they play up the misogyny and while there may be some musical misfires that wouldn't fit in with that era...it's set in the WWII era and incorporates comic history with events that are familiar in a way I have come to appreciate.

This show is worth giving a chance. It's a shame it's a standalone 8 episode miniseries. So it's not much to commit to.

Check out the short film that started it all, to get a taste:

We're only 4 episodes in, but the pacing is great and it seems like so much more. You can watch the episodes at http://abc.go.com/shows/marvels-agent-carter