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    Jan 21, 2009 2:08 PM GMT
    Here’s an idea for a thread: snapshots of our training weeks. The idea is not to give a full training/eating log, but to give an outline of how you train, with rough goals. It can be interesting to see what others are doing.

    (1) Keep it short (no more than a page of A4 if you type up on a word document first. If they get really long they get less interesting.
    (2) Give an idea of your background a level of training. In the gym there is no ego and there should be none here.
    (3) Give an idea of your goals in training.
    (4) Any POSITIVE feed back (which should not come in the form of “you are doing it all wrong, jerk”) should take into account the goals and background of the person involved. No point in telling a triathlete he’s doing too much cardio and won’t get serious definition of his lats if he keeps it up.

    Like the idea? It’s something more training based. I’ll kick off, though this is not a normal week for me as I am travelling and have to use new gyms all the time which are set up differently, differently busy etc etc. When I am in a more normal routine I’ll post again.

    I’ve been doing sport at a serious level (of commitment, not necessarily attainment) for over a decade, the gym is a newer thing. I’m intermediate, but with some areas which are advanced. Goals are for a more defined physique than the typical triathlete, general mass building and definition. I am happy at my weight (79kg), but want to get more toned. I always do the same warm up (3 sun salutations plus the pilates series of 5) and stretch afterwards.

    THURS Wed night flew from the USA to the UK. Thur off.

    FRI (very unusual work out for me)
    Dumbbell presses (10 reps with 16kg)
    Single arm row (10 reps with 16kg)
    Bulgarian split squat (10 reps with 14kg)
    Repeat 3 times on 4 minutes

    Pull ups (5, holding five counts in the up position with slow negatives)
    slow dips (5)
    Leg press (8 reps with 150kg)
    Repeat 3 times on 4 minutes

    Normal push ups (10)
    Leg curl (8 reps with 150lb)
    Thruster (8 reps with 12kg)
    Repeat twice on four minutes (I was tired and jet lagged)

    SAT Pilates mat. 45 minutes

    SUN off

    MON (body weight)
    Pulls ups (5, holding top position of the last one for 4 counts)
    dips (5)
    Pistols (5 each leg)
    Repeat circuit 3 times on 4 minute interval

    Bulgarian spilt squat (10 each leg)
    wide push ups (10)
    repeat 3 times on 4 min interval.

    chin up (4, holding top position of the last one for 4 counts, then slow final negative)
    narrow push ups (8 )
    jumping squats (toads) (8 )
    Repeat 3 times on 4 minute interval

    TUE intermed pilates mat.

    Spinning tabata: 10 mins warm up, 4 mins intervals, 6 cool down. 3rd and 7th as climbing intervals

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    Jan 22, 2009 4:23 PM GMT
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