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    Feb 03, 2015 1:35 AM GMT
    Well, I'm ashamed to admit it, but I have never held a gym membership in my life. Yes, that's pretty sad. My major source of exercise has been running in the warm months and walking. But I'm ready to fix that.

    I'm looking to join a local gym and start exercising regularly, but need some advice on how to get started (workout gear, equipment, etc.) Also, any diet information (shakes/supplements) is appreciated.

    Exercising for health and energy reasons, but also want to "tone up"/"get in shape".

    Thanks in advance, fellas.

    Stats: 5'10, 170-175 (gained weight recently)
    BMI: 25 (Overweight icon_confused.gif)
  • Eli_jah

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    Feb 05, 2015 10:27 AM GMT
    pazzy saidfirst off, start slow. before you go to the gym, try to do a little research or get some info in terms of starting. try a beginner workout or small exercises. chose which days you want to go to the gym like a 3 day split. then decide which body parts you want to work on like.. on monday, try to work on shoulders and back. give yourself a rest day on tuesday. wednesday, try to workout chest and triceps. give yourself a rest day on thursday. then friday, do legs and biceps. chose any of those days to work on your stomach. the free weights are your friends. start light and try to get your form down first before even moving up in weights. don't do any exercises that you do not feel comfortable with until you feel confident in trying them. feel free to use the machines and then work your way to the free weights. the point is trying to get yourself used to exercising then getting comfortable where you get to do your own thing. it's a learning process. you're not going to be perfect even if you do get used to it. even the trainers have to learn or get shit wrong too where they have to be corrected. you'll eventually meet other people at the gym that will be friends, say hi to you and give you pointers on what you're doing right and doing wrong. you just take whatever bits and pieces as eventually, you'll do what works for you or what you like. for now, just try to get used to the gym and then work your way up.

    another thing, try to get comfortable with being in the gym because there's that anxiety of trying to figure out what to do and what not to do. that's why it's best to know what you want to do prior before going inside the gym. don't let that anxiety keep you from going. push yourself. if you're nervous to go around people, try to go to the gym when it's not so busy or after hours. since you're in nyc, there's plenty of 24 hour gyms.

    in terms of eating, it's a bit complicated. some people get protein shakes and etc. some people chose to eat a lot. some people diet. it's a matter of doing what works for you which is also more research.

    basically, you're going to have to do your own research and pay attention to your body as well. you will learn a lot about your body along the way. you will also learn that some things aren't what they seem to be. some trainers don't know what they're doing. you may not need protein shakes to get weight. hell, you might lose weight simply from working out. not everything is written in stone. the only way you're going to find that out is if you do it.

    Thanks, Pazz. You know what, I owe you a drink (or two) someday.
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    Feb 05, 2015 11:55 AM GMT
    Proper form is everything as far as weight training. Next is a clean diet, plenty of water. When I was your age a friend got me the book Body For Life. I got some good pointers from it.