Does he know how to judge men by the 8 penis types:

3" x 7", short and very thick - many sexual partners

4" x 3", short and thin - a nurturer, very giving and quick to become involved

5" x 5", medium and medium - seeks quick stimulation and resolution and may make promises in the heat of passion that he later has trouble fulfilling

6" x 3", long and thin - seeks to be in close physical proximity but may consider relationships closer than they really are

6" x 4", long and medium - seeks to listen which is how he is endearing

7" x 5", very long and medium - gazes at potential partners with intensity and sensuality

8" x 5", extremely long and medium - Its owner is helpful, impassioned, and enmeshed with his lover.

8+" x 7", extremely long with greatest thickness - smiling charmer used to seduce

. . .

In the Eastern tradition, sex for the purpose of generating a new body for a soul to inhabit is regarded as a creative, sacred act.

= = =

Personally, I like

4 x 3
6 x 4
8 x 5

It may be difficult to tell the difference between a flaccid 3 x 7 and a 4 x 3.

5 x 5 can be unfortunates and people reject them because they are not man enough to pull off a relationship; so, in the politics of partnership, they would get ruled / henpecked and must find a fair, kind, and compassionate partner

7 x 5 and 8 x 5 are difficult to decipher as well. Is that a 7 or an 8? That's why it's important to fill out your profile, participate in forums, spend time interacting with potential partners so their characteristics can approximate their penis size