I met a good potential match on OK who during the first date moved things way too fast... We went from the first date, then going back to his place to watch a movie to dating in about the span of 18 hours icon_surprised.gif Spent the night at his place and he even wanted to bareback; he's negative but I still didn't let him. I asked him why and said we we're dating now and he's "unconventional" I almost wanted to ask if he's just looking for a friend with benefits but didn't

We met for lunch this week and I'm spending the weekend at his place again on a few days. I've never experienced this before even with my limited dating experience... I mean first date to suddenly dating in 60 seconds flat? That not how solid relationships are built. I like him but I'm not sure why he's going warp speed with things.

What is this? Any thoughts from those with more experience.