What's It Really Like to Be a Gay Traveler in Jamaica?

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    Feb 15, 2015 3:25 AM GMT
    Never mind the One Love thing or the fact that Noel Coward lived there for years. For many gay travelers, Jamaica is not on the list of places to visit. And so whenever I tell same-sex friends in New York that my husband and I are headed there for another vacation, I get looks of something between fear and disdain.

    Source: https://www.yahoo.com/travel/whats-it-really-like-to-be-gay-in-jamaica-110836789392.html

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    Feb 15, 2015 3:40 AM GMT
    I admit, I like the perspective, but there is so much that is missing in this story.

    First of all, he mentions the places he stayed at:
    QUOTE AUTHOR GOES HEREBut insofar as we are on the same tourist trail as many of our friends, we have felt nothing but welcome by drivers, waiters, and the staffs at such places as Rockhouse, Round Hill, Tryall Resort, and the music-centric Geejam in remote Port Antonio.

    Now, these are really expensive resort places that go for US $7,000 dollar per night.

    - Dangerous homophobes are not going to go busting in and calling you out with sticks and machetes. Jamaicans are sensible too, they know when guest are hear, especially rich ones, they are not make any noise, just do your job.

    One person who is seeing a gradual improvement on the island is Dane Lewis, the executive director of JFLAG and an organizer of protests to demand equal rights for gays and lesbians. Although there is no official statistic and he knows there is a long way to go, he sees increased tolerance.

    - Dane Lewis also forgot the part where he should have mentioned that he is an executive on the Jamaica Tourist Board. Its his job to promote Jamaica as a beautiful, tolerant, welcoming place. If he didn't, then he would not have that nice job that affords him to have a very nice car and to live in a well protected gated community and the fact is, he lives mostly in hotels. I am friends with him on FB and see the pictures he posts.

    Jamaica needs the pink dollars too.

    As I noted in a reply on a previous thread when I just joined this forum:

    QUOTE AUTHOR GOES HEREShould you visit the island? Sure, do so, but do understand that you can't openly express your homosexuality. They are not gonna ask if you are gay or straight at the airport or hotel. You can venture out and explore the island, but do it with someone you can trust and as with any strange place, becareful plus keep it platonic!

    The people here are nice otherwise, very caring and appreciative, but the bad side exist, it is entrenched: Jamaicans do not like gay people.

    Its easy for two rich gays visiting here to feel comfortable. The fact is, they pay to be safe and the few short visits off the beaten path is not a true reflection for those who live here.


    As I also noted in that previous thread:

    QUOTE AUTHOR GOES HERESo to conclude, the only folks who have to worry about violence are the native Gay men and women who live here.