Hey Guys. A couple questions for my brothers with small to average endowments. Has your size ever been a factor in the bedroom? Do you find yourself not engaging other guys as much as you would like because of your size?

I'm 29. Came out pretty late by today's standards at 26. I'm text book average in the package department, so there shouldn't be a problem, but I can't help feeling a deep sense of inadequacy. So much is made of big penises, and due to some weird twist of fate, I've encountered enough of them to be really skeptical about the "average rates". I mean, I can't tell you how many of my friends are packing atleast 7". I'm decent looking, I work hard to keep in very good shape, and I've had some beautiful men seem to be very interested in me. But by the time a guy I'm introduced to at a bar or lunch with friends is flirting with me, I've already had to endure a conversation about so and so's great huge cock, and knowing that I can't measure up, I've physically pushed off guys with movie stars looks/bodies, because I'm so uncomfortable.

Any of you been able to overcome insecurity? Do you find that even in all the noise about big ol' dicks that size really doesn't matter? I'd really love to put myself out there and have some fun, but I just keep stopping myself.

*Please no added quips from the size queen department. We already know how you feel.