Gay marriage statistics

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    Feb 20, 2015 7:49 PM GMT
    Does anyone know if any statistics have been compiled and released on how many gay marriages have been performed in each of the 37 states where it is now legal? I'm also curious how many of these gay marriages have adopted children. There were a few marriages performed the first week it became legal here in Wisconsin, but I don't know how many marriages have been performed since then nor have I heard anything if any of those marriages adopted any children. I'm also wondering, if there have been any gay divorces already. It would be interesting to know if gay marriages are having a better rate of success than str8 marriages, which have over a 50% divorce rate.
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    Feb 22, 2015 10:23 AM GMT
    the answer is yes

    -be careful on how the survey was conducted
    -couples gay or straight >3years are more resistant to divorce. given that; i am thinking we are seeing those established gay couples getting married first. good news; given all that, gay marriages look better than average.

    divorce rate is tempered by some factors:
    -length of time the couple is married. so like 8 years 50% are divorced. Look at the positive side; 50% will continue for the rest of their lives
    -couples married in the 1970's have a higher divorce rate
    -second time marriage partners or even third time each have an increasing chance of divorce.

    marriage is an option and a contract for lovers, not something to measure life's success.

    best of luck