Changing from single muscle group per day to multiple muscle group.

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    Feb 22, 2015 12:00 PM GMT
    So my current work out has been a muscle group per day
    Mon: Back+Shoulders
    Tues: Chest
    Wed: Legs- if not working that week, if I am then day off
    Thurs: Grit Plyo- think I may need to man up after this and do some weights.
    Fri: Arms

    I've felt like I've platued in changing my body shape (muscle size and fat loss) although the weights I use either burst through in stages or slowly increases depending on what they are.
    I've arranged a PT session but it's in two weeks time but he's suggested doing multiple muscle groups per day. Something I'd like to change sooner if he recons so.

    Anybody got any suggestions or reading material on how to do so?
    How am I best to come up with a routine for going about this?
    I basically want to increase muscle size and lose the last of the hard stomach fat for ab definition as I'm going on holiday to Thailand in May.
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    Feb 22, 2015 1:12 PM GMT
    1,000 ways to do this, I suspect. I have a 3-day split meant mostly for maintenance but within each muscle group I try different things to keep it interesting:

    1: Chest/Shoulders/Tris
    6-8 sets each. chest and shoulders have twice the inter-set rest times as tris (except for isolated stuff like front raises, flies, etc.)

    2: Back/Bis/Core
    6-8 sets back and bis each (back twice the inter-set rest as bis, same exceptions as above), 8 sets "abs" 8 sets "lower back" short rests

    3: Legs/Forearms
    10-12 sets thighs (compound movements get twice the inter-set rests as isolated), 5-7 sets calves (short rests), 2-4 sets forearm curls 2-4 sets forearm reverse curls (short rests)

    Short rests tend to be anywhere from 15 seconds to 30-45; longer rests tend to be anywhere from 45-90 seconds. Lately I've been doing 45-second long rests, and either 15 or 30 second short rests.

    Sometimes finish up with 15-30 minutes treadmill. Cardio (plus a more aerobic approach to lifting) will help with the fat.
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    Feb 22, 2015 1:49 PM GMT
    jrc2005 said1,000 ways to do this, I suspect.

    ha! That's the thing I was worried bout.

    Am I best to just split up my excerise over the days trying to make sure I tarket each individual muscle type per group per day?

    cardio is something I suck at doing, never much motivation to do it hence doing the Plyo, which also helps my lack of usually cutting legs day as it's quite intensive on those muscles.
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    Feb 23, 2015 12:04 PM GMT
    Not sure I understand the question. But there really isn't any "best". There was a time where I did a 5-day split (essentially what you're doing now). A few years ago, I decided to collapse it to a 3-day split. I did that for several reasons -- mainly, (1) I rarely am able to get to the gym 5 days a week, so I was going over a week without working a given muscle group, and (2) choosing to work a group more frequently rather than just clobbering it in one sitting. Honestly, I have no problem reaching muscle fatigue with <10 sets, no need to go another 10.