Valuable and well written to understand the crossroads of our imaginative fitness+erotic lives and what is really happening (or possible) for our fulfillment month by month and year by year in life.

I shared this because men at different ages will connect with the porn moments, or muscle +porn moments which is the norm these days..

and we all might want to know what could we add to our own lives with fitness and desire to have some of these moments: specifically, author states that without being in the gym so often throughout the years for the motivation to get into film, then he might not have met his lover +boyfriend for that whole year.

Time is valuable- health or other matters can derail us easily from being enriched by this kind of connection that is depicted in the porn genre. - so thanks to the prolific author (his website is great) for bringing us reflection, or rather reflection and new gym+cross-fit goals or whatever we embrace to improve ourselves and up our game.