Temp gym in San Francisco

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    Mar 30, 2007 10:45 AM GMT

    i joined my local gym here in Belgium about 2 months ago, and i'm loving it. I'm coming to San Francisco for the month of April, visiting old friends and loved ones, but i dont want to go for a month without visiting a gym.

    So, could anyone recommend a temp gym in SF? I'll be staying at 18@Castro. I saw that 24h fitness gives out a free 10 day pass, so perhaps that would be my best choice ?

    ps: any good running routes around that area without too many steep hills :)

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    Mar 30, 2007 4:52 PM GMT
    Hi Sandburg,

    For a gym, 24 hour is fine, but you might want to check out Gold's on Market and Noe. It's closer to where you'll be staying, and is where a lot of the gay guys who live in the Castro go. My guess is the free 10-day pass for 24-hour won't be valid unless you live in San Francisco (that's the way they usually work that). Gold's may have a one-month pass of some kind you could buy.

    Regarding running, a great route that I like to do from the Castro area is to go up to Golden Gate park through the Panhandle park. From where you are, do this:
    1. Run up Castro past Market Street (the biggest street in SF). Castro will become Divisadero. You have to go up a moderate hill here, so you may want to start out walking for a few blocks so you don't start on a hill.
    2. Run along Divisadero to Fell Street. Turn left on Fell.
    3. Run up Fell Street for a few blocks until you see the Panhandle, a long narrow park. Run up the Panhandle on the running path. At the end of the Panhandle, you'll see Golden Gate Park. Run up along the straight road through the park. The park goes all the way to Ocean Beach, and is I believe about three miles. It's a beautiful run (check your weather, it may be foggy and chilly out by the beach).

    Have fun in SF!