"The American People" (according to double speak republicans)

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    Feb 28, 2015 6:56 PM GMT
    Somebody explain to me, when anyone 'leader' in the republican or tea party announces publicly, such as bone head Boehner does, all the time, the term used and phrased in a certain way. When any of these people, at the podium, refer to "the American people deserve, this or that, or want this", blah, blah, blah, isn't this a bit disingenuous, partisan and or patronizing to those of us who know dam well the conservatives do not really care for all of "the American people", just concerned with their own voters and their own agenda. When addressing "the American people", don't they really mean the conservative base? In keeping with constitution principle, "we the people", don't they have to at least act like they care about everyone? Then get caught in the form of scandal.

    When any republican or tea party speak of "the American people", they like to pretend to address everyone, in a bipartisan manner, regardless of political party, such as "(the 47%" remark we all know about, and or the 1%-99%)". So why do conservatives continue to falsely address me as one of their own, "American people" when we have completely different ideologies?

    For those RJ folks who are not Americans, just to be clear, when the republicans, tea party and conservative base talk of "the American people", in public, at the podium or TV, radio, they do not represent me, they do not claim to represent my needs, I reject their false attempt at bipartisanship due to very well known discriminatory and other factors, practices that they have and continue to promote. When they speak to or on behalf of "the American people", they really are addressing, their half of America.

    According to Republicans The 114th Koch Congress Is Focused On Koch Priorities

    After the 2010 midterm elections, Republicans promised to follow through on their pledge to the American electorate to immediately begin “focusing on the people’s priorities” when the new session of Congress was convened. However, within a couple of weeks of the new session of Congress with a Republican majority in the House, the GOP revealed they had no intent to honor their solemn pledge and began a terror campaign against women’s reproductive rights and a serious job-killing crusade that revealed they never considered the people’s priorities.
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    Mar 02, 2015 11:09 PM GMT
    ELNathB said...on behalf of "the American people", they really are addressing, their half of America.

    They don't have half of America. They have a majority of the small percentage who actually voted.

    This Congress, these Republicans have no duty to you or anyone who didn't vote for them. What are their interests? What matters to them? Follow the money.

    But until America makes a greater effort to actually vote, this will always be the case.

    Is it hard to vote? In some cases, yes.
    Are the issues complex? Yes, they can be, and an informed electorate is the backbone of a democracy (even though we're a Democratic Republic).
    Do all candidates sound the same? Sure, because most of the money for running a campaign doesn't come from the American People.

    We have a lot of work to do. Republicans own most of the media and tend to drive the narrative. It needn't be so.
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    Mar 03, 2015 5:21 AM GMT
    I agree and I hate that phrase. In my observations, both parties use it in the exact same way and equally as often. I get it, politicians want to express what they think we want. But they are also often overstating how unanimous or even how informed we are.