The naked ride this year in Madison, WI is June 20, but there are many other naked rides all over the country and world.



Hooray! We once again had a significant ridership increase over the previous year. Our official estimate is a peak of 88 participants. As usual, that includes some who joined in along the route, perhaps as many as ten this time. We had about 80 percent fully nude with most of the rest topfree. The gender balance was about 75/25, favoring the male (we need more women involved!).

The weather was once again beautiful. It was cloudy with a temperature of 72 degrees, 78 percent relative humidity, and southeast winds at 8 miles per hour. A slight chance of afternoon rain had been predicted, and it did occur, but had the courtesy to wait until just after we had finished the ride.

There was a mix of locals, Chicagoans, Milwaukee area people, and a few from places like the Quad Cities, Des Moines, and even a Californian. I was a little disappointed, though, when the California guy admitted that he had not come to Wisconsin specifically to join usicon_smile.gif

The route (see below) was estimated at 13.1 miles, but ended up being a bit longer due to a detour necessitated by construction on Johnson Street that had not been taken into account. We hit our three major targets, Memorial Union Terrace, State Street, and the Dane County Farmers' Market at the Capitol Square. We figure these spots to be those where the biggest crowds are to be found mid-day on a Saturday. We had no problem riding through the union terrace this time. We were there at about 11:36, and I noticed that the first band of the second day of the Isthmus Jazz Festival was getting ready for its noon performance.

We seem to have made some inroads into becoming part of Madison's mainstream culture. There was a listing on the website of Madison Parks Calendar of Events as well as a mention in the weekly e-newsletter of the Dane County Farmers' Market. We don't know how they got there.

All aspects of the ride went smoothly. At the end, we returned to the starting point for much socializing and celebrating. Our 2015 WNBR is going to be great.