This really IS amazing: gay writer and activist Rev. Dr. Mel White and his son, screenwriter/actor/producer Mike White (who is himself bisexual), are competing together on the next season of The Amazing Race, set to premiere in a few weeks.

Rev. Dr. White was once a ghostwriter for Jerry Falwell before coming out as gay and parting ways with the homophobic evangelical church. (His story is told in the documentary Friends of God and in his book Stranger at the Gate.) He is currently married to his husband, Soulforce co-head Gary Nixon.

White's son, Mike, is known for appearing in movies like the brilliantly unsettling Chuck & Buck (which he also wrote), School of Rock (which he also wrote), and The Good Girl (which he wrote). He also wrote and directed Year of the Dog (starring Molly Shannon) and was one of the forces behind the shortly-lived fan fave series Freaks & Geeks (in which he also briefly appeared).

To have two gay men who are also relatives and who actively work to promote visibility and understanding on the show is really awesome. Let's hope they last!