Looking for built guys to help train me and help me get big so if you want to work out together or help train me let me know asap!

Like walking around downtown, going out to eat,clubing,video games,pool, bowling,sports. Whatever thats fun and safe I like to do.Im very masc and a cool guy to hang with.

I dance a lot and have been doing some excersise so I am healthy, but I hate being slim. Im trying to gain more muscle and body mass but I keep losing the weight.I tried using protien shakes, but my weight never sticks on me. My weight goal is to reach 180-190lbs. I am interested in meeting with other fitness enthusiasts to help me achieve my goals. I am also strongly looking for a lifting partner. I feel that without a doubt having someone else to help remotivate me through my goals and challenges will make me more successful.

Also looking for friends to just chill with and to go out on date as well.Looking for guys under 30 years old to connect with but feel free to hit me up if you can help me out with my situation