Advice for a newbie

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    Oct 05, 2007 2:21 AM GMT
    So, I'm new, both to this website, and to the idea of working out. Here's my problem: my back is weak, and I have no ass.

    What do I do about it?

    Today I did leg presses (on a machine, I don't have a spotter) and also used the "back press" machine (I can't remember what it was called, but I sat on the machine, and pushed back against the weight and arched over a lumbar support).

    They have what I think is called a smith machine? It holds the weight steady and in a vertical motion if you use it to do bench presses. Doesn't that also work for squats?

    Other than that, I'm doing 30 min. of cardio on an elliptical (I have really bad knees from gymnastics and then soccer when i got to tall) three times a week, and as fullbody a workout as I can get with the weight machines at my gym twice a week. Does that sound like a decent plan?

    I have two months back at my parents house while I'm waiting for my new house to be renovated, and I figured since there's nothing else to do in my home town (a new orelans suburb), I might as well finally take the time to workout and get the friggin job done, I'm tired of having body image issues. Any tips would be greatly appreciated...

    My diet is pretty good, lots of lean proteins, balanced with all sorts of fruits and vegetables. But I'm from New Orleans, I do drink on the weekends. I'm not looking to get into an abercrombie ad, just don't want to look flabby... you know?
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    Oct 08, 2007 10:46 PM GMT
    One of the nice things about this website is its wealth of knowledge. I would suggest starting the strong and lean program. If your new to weights, start light and work your way up. Keep a small notebook on what you did (push ups, deadlifts, ect.), how much you did (how many sets and reps), and how heavy you lifted (45lbs). Writing this info down will help you along the way to see progress. The mirror is the worst way to track progress, numbers do not lie. Next is food, eat eat eat eat eat! With that said, hit the gym with the food and you can't lose. The programs on here are pretty straight forward and has detailed instructions on the lifts and how many you should do. Its a good place to start.