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    Jan 29, 2009 4:12 PM GMT
    Check out this bizzare fetish- Entophilia. People who love the sensation of having crab lice crawling over their bodies, and consider it a sexual turn-on. So much in fact, some guys and gals have their own website.

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    Jan 29, 2009 5:02 PM GMT



    Pubic Lice: “Sea monkeys in your pants” from Bug Girl's BlogFirst, the likelihood that “pet” crab lice could be bred to not bite and live off dead skin cells is nill.
    To put it more bluntly, It’s. Total. Bull. Shit.
    These animals have spent millions of years feeding on blood through your skin–they have no way to suddenly start munching skin cells.

    A crab louse infestation is also not pleasant–from Medline:

    Medline “The presence of pubic lice is heralded by moderate to severe itching in the area covered by pubic hair….Because the crab louse requires human blood to survive, it buries its head inside a pubic hair follicle. It excretes a substance into the skin that causes the itching.

    Sometimes the bite can cause an inflammatory skin reaction that is bluish gray in color. Although the lice do not cause a rash, the constant scratching and digging can cause the skin to become raw, and secondary infections may develop.”

    Second, the idea that these are your crabs, and that having them is low risk to anyone else, is also not correct. A scientific study from 1983 suggests that crab lice are quite active, and move about between subjects more than previously believed. While it is rare for transmission to occur, trying on bathing suits and underwear is a known risk for transmission of crab lice, as is sharing bedding or clothing with an infected person. Crabs can survive for up to 2 days off their host.

    Lastly, the idea promoted on LoveBugz that you can “easily” get rid of crabs is not correct. Additionally, the LoveBugz site suggests using Kerosene, which is about the worst thing you can possibly do (especially if you have open sores from the bites!).


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    Jan 30, 2009 1:34 PM GMT
    I'm afraid this is totally real. I've seen them myself. The guy who had 'em thought they were great. He said they did not in fact bite but were itchy. They didn't look like crabs to me but more like really big mites. Maybe they were biting in such a way as to not cause sores. I don't know but entophilia is a real fetish and licers are out there.

    Hey, to each his own. Who are we to judge? Maybe they are fun and we shouldn't knock it until we try it. IMHO.