Our Friends in "The Log Cabin" Being Used?

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    Jan 31, 2009 3:03 AM GMT
    Log Cabins at issue in RNC chair race

    I noted earlier today that one of the candidates for chairman of the Republican National Committee, Saul Anuzis, had circulated news of gay support for one of his rivals, Michael Steele, to a prominent social conservative.

    But soon after Anuzis used a gay Republican group's praise to tar Steele, an Anuzis aide pitched Anuzis to the group as a tolerant moderate, according to an email exchange I obtained this afternoon.

    Last November Anuzis forwarded an email praising Steele from the Log Cabin Republicans, the gay GOP group, to James Bopp, Jr., a prominent social conservative and RNC member, under the heading, "You probably saw this..." Bopp then included the email in a packet of documents apparently intended to cast Steele as too "moderate" for the chairmanship.

    A month later, on December 19, an Anuzis backer, Katie Packer, exchanged email with the president of the Log Cabin Republicans, Patrick Sammon.

    Sammon sought a meeting with Anuzis, and Packer apologized that he was on vacation.

    "I will pass your thoughts on to Saul," she wrote. "I think you will find him to be a very reasonable individual who does not seek to grow the party by dividing it."

    Which is the sort of inclusive language that social conservatives have been using against Steele.

    UPDATE: Anuzis emails that he "never attacked Steele over" the Log Cabin link, and forwarded the group's email to Bobb because "it came up in a general conversation, I said I had received a copy and forwarded it to Jim."

    He said that Packer is not a paid consultant, though she's helping on his race.

    "I have no knowledge of this email. I have never contacted this group, I have never had any correspondence with them, I have not sought their support nor have I ever talked to anyone from their group. So I have no idea what this could be about, but it was not at my request or authorization," he emailed.

    Email exchange after the jump.

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    Jan 31, 2009 7:28 PM GMT
    From what I've read over the years the Log Cabin have always been used. How can they not be? The Republican base has becomes religious conservative. Now, they are their largest demographic who votes for them. Those Republicans who want to get elected do their best to emulate the religious right and gain their sympathetic votes. What makes you think they really care about the Log Cabin, whom a large part of the religious right must surely dislike?
  • Koaa2

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    Feb 01, 2009 12:20 PM GMT
    Agree, they have been used repeatedly, and apparently could care less. Gay Republicans are a dangerous group for us. Beware.
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    Feb 01, 2009 11:58 PM GMT
    As referred to above, the primary backers of the republicans are the religious right, I'll add, then comes the big business backers and the wealthy. All a gay person has to do is spend an hour or so reading the intent of the most influencial religious right groups who back the RNC, like Dobson for instance, and from there what in hell could they be thinking to join up with the RNC. Its foolish for the Log Cabiners to think they'll make inroads into influencing the RNC. They are little more than tolerated by the RNC, they are actually an embarassment to any RNC member who courts them or is seen as having done so, and worst yet they are an embarassment to the Gay community. Log Cabiners are self destructive from all aspects as far as I am concerned, they serve no positive purpose. I'm not even sure if "being used" is a low enough term for the loathing the right, therefore the RNC has for them. I would hate to be so deceived as to be one of the Log Cabiners, its rather pathetic to say the least.